Ce’Cile Writing Three Songs A Day – Says She Was Inspired By Tanya Stephens

Biography: Ce'CileLike many entertainers grounded by COVID-19, dancehall artiste Ce’Cile has found herself with a lot of time on her hands.

But instead of IG live shows and mini-concerts, the Nah Stress Ova Man singer has been spending her time sharpening her writing skills. Dubbing it a form of stress reliever, the entertainer says she writes at least three songs a day with the hopes of releasing one every day.

“I write every day to cope in normal situations and this situation is very stressful, and so I’m writing so much. I find myself writing five songs a day and I want to put out at least one of those for my fans every day. I was inspired by Tanya Stephens because I saw where she said she was also going to be doing that,” Ce’Cile said.

Tanya Stephens – Tickets – Moe's Alley – Santa Cruz, CA – March ...“The recording process, mastering and mixing, however, is presenting a little bit of challenge. Initially, when I started, I was going on the road (to record) but I realise that wasn’t safe. I haven’t been in my own studio in a year but I had to go and clean it out and thing and I ended up recording the first song, (Quarantine) Deh Pan Me Mind.”

Still while she had solved the recording issue, there was still the challenge of getting beats, mixing and mastering. A link with producer Dale Virgo resolved the latter as the two have been working remotely.

“We have recorded a second single called Occupied. So I have two songs out now and I’m working on meeting my quota of one song a day.”

Keep writing

The entertainer said since she dropped her first two tracks, the response from fans has been so overwhelming, she’s even more encouraged to keep writing and recording.

“People have been saying they love the vibe, they miss me. A few have been saying I sound different and I have to be saying, ‘Yuh nah listen mi albums’. So I have fans now who are logging on to my past albums and people are reaching out and saying they didn’t know my catalogue was so huge,” she explained.

Dancehall's Bad Gyal Ce'Cile Pens Children's Book - Urban Islandz“I guess being inside and having nothing to do is good for the industry in a way because streaming up by 900 per cent. I know we are losing a lot of money in so many ways but there are avenues that we can earn from right now if we be creative,” she said.

While music has proven therapeutic for her, and she understands it can be used to uplift people, especially at this time, Ce’Cile says she has no expectations as far as buzz is concerned. She says she’s merely doing what comes naturally to her and if people are encouraged by her songs, then that’s a plus.

“I’m doing what I would be doing in any event, pandemic or no pandemic and if it helps someone relieve any stress and frustrations they may be having at this time, then that would make me tremendously happy,” she said.

Source: Ce’Cile writing three songs a day – Says she was inspired by Tanya Stephens | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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