Buju Banton Celebrates 4/20 With New Single ‘Ganja Man’: Listen

Buju Banton Finally Gets His Grammy - Jamaicans.comLight up, it’s Ganja Day and the release of Buju Banton’s new anthem of dedication Ganja Man. Today April 20, also noted as 4:20 and 4/20 is the official date of the global movement largely celebrated as National Weed Day, which is especially significant to Jamaica since its a part of the culture and lifestyle. Even though the herb is now legal on the island there are still some restrictions to its use, however the event that was once a call to action is simply a day to just gather and get high – a rastaman’s playground.

The legendary reggae icon and illustrious Rastafarian hinted the upcoming release of Ganja Man on Instagram 2 days ago but officially debuted the single today. Fans can catch the song currently streaming on Buju Banton VEVO/YouTube as well as Audiomack.

As usual when Gargamel has some thing to say, he does just that whether through his music or otherwise, and as one can imagine he has a few concerns on the topic of weed. “Ganja man, we realize dem nuh want yuh fi nyam yet a you bring di most money pon the island, Johnny Stap weh deh a prison fi ganja how long, run come mek we organize a plan” he sings.

Buju Banton

His lyrics carry on to state that now that marijuana is legal, the government instead of providing some sort of emancipation of poverty in the ghetto by prioritizing and issuing licenses to inner city civilians is doing so to others in the ‘wrong section’. All of sudden the ones who condemned its legalization prior is now ‘swarming’ to capitalize on the plant.

“Now look who a swarm it? Peer politician and now dung to (inaudible name) businessman and dem nuh memba di rasta weh in a di dungeon, weh dem suffer and prosecute as ganja man”, he says enlightening his audience.

Ganja Man adds to a great roster of songs from Banton since his release from jail in December 2018. Singles like Trust and Steppa were a great success. His new album should be dropping any day now – so stay tuned. In the meantime Happy Ganja Day from Garamel, listen to the official audio of Ganja Man below –

Source: Buju Banton Celebrates 4/20 With New Single ‘Ganja Man’: Listen – DancehallMag

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