Aidonia Called Vybz Kartel A ‘B*tch’ Questioned His Mental Health In Prison

Aidonia has expressed concern for Vybz Kartel’s mental health amidst Kartel’s latest post, asking other dancehall artists for a challenge.

Vybz Kartel has been using his Twitter fingers a lot lately, and it’s understandable considering his lack of options when it comes to participating in the current dancehall music battle. The incarcerated deejay understandably has some limits when it comes to the music he can record, but he is compensating for those limits with a kind of trolling online where nothing is off-limits.

Following Mavado’s last complaint about the deejay basically being an internet bully, Kartel said he would stop posting in light of others not being able to handle the pressure. However, he dragged Aidonia into the discourse, and the 4th Genna Boss dropped a response that’s hard to ignore.

Vybz Kartel’s position is that his actions are nothing personal, and it’s all about the music. He wrote a lengthy post on social media, starting off with the question, “Who would have thought that dancehall artist would have become such metrosexual emotional #bitchesintheirfeelings?” The deejay even tagged Mavado, Alkaline, Jahmiel, and Aidonia in the comments and added, “Look how long Kartel a run dancehall. Stop me nuh! Bitches can’t stop a lion.”

What was interesting was Aidonia’s response, which lauded Teacha’s musical prowess and questioned his mental state in the same breath. “Big and serious…someone needs to check on Vybz Kartel mental health…put this man on suicide watch…this is not the vybz kartel we know…the war angel the world boss bickering on the internet over numbers…when the world has crowned this man one of the greatest in dancehall…someone needs to check and see if he has his phone…all this posting is it vybz kartel or post malone,” Aidonia wrote.

Didi did not stop there – he assured even more Kartel that it is a known fact that there is no one really who threatens his crown and said his beef wasn’t with other dancehall artists. “Ya talk bout man fi try stop u …explain how …me woulda pay u 10mil right now fi a man tell me how…if prison neva stop u how mankind fi stop u…u unstoppable dawg…ya war with bay youth who idolize and look up to u a joke ting dat….ya close to 50 so ya war wid u grand kids,” he said.

According to Aidonia, he gave Teacha his props long ago when he said, “Addi A Mi Daddy,” but he told the incarcerated deejay that “right now ya move like mi Mommy.” After not neglecting to mention the serious times that we’re currently in and appearing to champion for peace and positivity, Aidonia couldn’t help but add one final jab. “P.s Right now mi gone lay dung side a mi WIFE…” Didi wrote.

Many fans are inclined to agree with most of what Aidonia said, but they do understand the incarcerated deejay’s frustration at the same time. Though Kartel promised to stop posting, anyone can see that Aidonia’s clap back cannot go unaddressed. Do you think the dancehall mogul will break his commitment and go right back to responding?

Source: Aidonia Called Vybz Kartel A ‘B*tch’ Questioned His Mental Health In Prison – Urban Islandz

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