Vybz Kartel Says Bounty Killer Is The “Einstein” Of Dancehall In Touching Tribute

Vybz Kartel and Bounty KillerBounty Killer is the “Einstein” of dancehall, at least that is what Vybz Kartel is saying.

Vybz Kartel showered a ton of respect on his “dancehall father” Bounty Killer in a heartfelt Instagram post yesterday. In what we could deem an appreciation post, Kartel gave the Killa a big shoutout highlighting his longevity and knack for developing other artistes. Taking to the popular social media platform to share a photo of Bounty Killer, Kartel wrote a lengthy caption that captured his gratitude as he paid respects to the Grung Gad.

“I wonder if people really appreciate how great this man really is. Is just a pity Dancehall doesnt have a well organised and streamlined industry that would have all the to truly celebrate the greatness of Dancehall “Gads” (pun intended),” Vybz Kartel wrote. “Bounty killa never start Dancehall but his impact on the Genre is ubiquitous and universal. If Dancehall’s creator was ‘newton,’ Bounty Killer is ‘einstein’ weh upgrade it and in some instances, redifine it or change it all together.”

The post, which attracted viral attention from celebrities from all across the globe, went on to laud Bounty Killer further and highlight his profound impact on dancehall and even individual lives. “Just check di amount of youth killa help realise dem potential. Both artiste producer promoter, plus the joy weh him bring to di fans and the raw truth weh him talk! Me love di General like a father/as a father and a mentor a teacher and a provider who offered me the ‘great escape’ from poverty and be able to take care of my family and make my kids live a more comfortable life than i had growing up. Bless up mi General @grunggaadzilla #Alliance #warlordfromuppawardyard #poorpeopleGovana #CrossAngryMiserable #Dancehall,” Kartel wrote ending in his heartfelt caption.

The significant moment was further enriched by Bounty Killer’s response, which was equally extensive. Bounty replied with pure love, acknowledging Kartel as his most prestigious dancehall import to date. The Killa this time brought forward his fatherly persona leaving all dancehall fans appreciative of this sacred moment.

“Wow what a monument of acknowledgement the highest and richest compliment Black Power IF A WARLORD DID RULE DI WORLD u know rest son,” Killa wrote. “But it was one of the greatest thing I did when I shared the platform with u though it’s my biggest introduction to the business to date and I was even so amazed a few days ago when I heard @bujuofficial said u are indeed the MAN respect to him to acknowledged that,” he continued. “Just looking back at 1999 about 21yrs ago that time only me u and Butler could see this day coming, life is the greatest master just like most of the greats is after we are long gone they gonna realized the difference we had made Even We Gone We Live Forever Love You Son,” Bounty said.

The comment was quite a tearjerker and inspired responses from international acts like Busta Rhymes, who chimed in with a comment of his own writing, “Di God’s dem a reason!! God and God Sun!!” Also, Stefflon Don noted, “I was listening to all his old stuff just the other day thinking damn I wish we still had all the real Generals in this Game,” she wrote in the comments on Vybz Kartel’s post.

An unexpected yet treasured moment, a moment one never thought they would see after a time when they were “estranged” as Kartel had said in his last big interview before incarceration. It seems time really does heal all as these two have proven that reconciliation is not out of reach, and their fans and coworkers alike seem to love it. This is another example that unity is conducive to progress, especially in dancehall. More of this in 2020, please.

Source: Vybz Kartel Says Bounty Killer Is The “Einstein” Of Dancehall In Touching Tribute – Urban Islandz

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