Vegas Weighs In On Elephant Man’s Immigration Declaration

Image result for mr. vegasDancehall artiste Mr Vegas has taken to social media to voice his disappointment with what he has described as the ‘selfish action’ of his colleague entertainer, Oneal ‘Elephant Man’ Bryan, who has been accused of failing to declare his recent travel history amid concerns about coronavirus across several European countries.

Elephant Man has been getting a lot of flak after he arrived in the island from a European country and was subsequently accused by an airport worker of failing to follow health protocols now in place at sea and airports in Jamaica.

Elephant Man

The artiste, in a video circulating on social media, has since apologised for his actions.

Vegas, an artiste who himself landed in some hot water in 2018 when he got into a heated debate with international pastor, Gino Jennings, to the point where he (Vegas) was ushered from the church where Jennings was preaching locally, said he was not amused with the actions of Elephant Man.

“You have some people weh selfish, irresponsible and nuh have no respect fi nobody but demself. Elephant Man a one a dem type a people deh,” Vegas declared.

“Now dis man a come from a territory and him nuh disclose the territory weh him a come from. A talk ’bout him drop asleep and come now a apologise. We know that there is a pandemic, so if a man go to a territory where the virus is, you nuh think it is your responsibility fi mek the authorities know?” asked Vegas.

“As artiste bredrin, yuh mek wi look bad. Yuh mek wi look fool. Yuh mek wi look illiterate. Yuh mek wi look like wi nuh have no behaviour. Yuh need fi grow up now my yute. Call a spade a spade. Gweh, Ele,” Vegas ranted.

While lashing out at Elephant Man, Vegas also received some criticism from social media users for using the moment to promote a song that he has produced about the coronavirus.

Image result for mr. vegas and elpehant manIf you come now and infect other people whether through direct contact or third-party contact, weh yuh a go tell di people dem? Sorry? After people lose dem loved ones because of your carelessness,” also said in reference to Elephant Man.

Vegas theorised that ‘Ele’ didn’t give his complete recent travel history because he did not want to be quarantined.

“You neva tell the people weh yaa come from because yuh neva want di people dem quarantine yuh. Talk the truth. But yuh have to bear the consequences and deal with the situation to protect other people. This a nuh just ’bout you my yute,” Vegas further ranted.

In closing, Vegas, ever the attention seeker, shared a bit of his new and upbeat, but expletive-laden song called ‘Korona’ ft Topo La Maskara.

Source: WATCH: Vegas weighs in on Elephant Man’s immigration declaration | Loop News

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