Terry Linen Is ‘A Child Of God’

Image result for Terry Linen reggaeSinger Terry Linen, who is known for his smooth ballads, is currently working on a full gospel album. Also, his two recent singles are covers of gospel songs, and from all indications, they are shaping up to ensure him a foothold in the faith-based musical arena.

Goodness of God was released in February, and No Longer A Slave dropped last August.

Both are taken from Tad’s Records’ upcoming compilation album, Reggae Jammin Vol 5. The YouTube video of No Longer A Slave has close to 400,000 views and an abundance of comments, imploring the reggae singer to do more gospel.

Terry Linen, who personally responded on the comment thread, is singing praises at the love being shown by his fans.

“I want the people to hold a joy when they listen to gospel songs. I don’t do songs that make people feel that the world is coming to an end and they are unworthy of being saved. My message must declare that there is hope. Too many persons, even some Christians, are slaves to fear. But as the song says, ‘ My fears are drowned in perfect love, I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God‘,” he said.

Image result for Terry Linen reggaeThe reggae singer, who refers to himself as spiritual, added that persons shouldn’t really be surprised that he is doing a gospel album, as his track record, musically, has indicated his divine path.

“From me born me a sing good things. I grow up in the church and was always a spiritual singer. Call on a Friend, Jah Jah You Saved Me, Hallelujah and Lord I Praise You are all gospel songs that I released while doing secular,” he said.

The COVID-19 outbreak has stalled his album project, but he refuses to view it as a setback.

“I have a message that will not be stifled. The music is a gift from God and Him give me a melodious voice. God is using my voice to connect people to him, and I am ready to be used,” he said.

Source: Terry Linen is ‘a child of God’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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