Shenseea’s Belize Show Gets Raunchy With A Female Fan Sucking Her Toes

Shenseea has performed in Belize a number of times but her experience at a recent concert there was a first for her. In a short video clip posted to social media platform Tik Tok, Shenseea, whose given name is Chinsea Lee, describes an incident where a zealous female fan licked her toes, while she was onstage.

“Listen all my shows are super fun but tonight in Belize… me nuh know, me try to sit down and sing me song and one girl, hold me foot and ah just suck off me toes bredda,” she said.

The artiste took the incident in stride saying that even though it was weird, it was also an exciting experience.

“I think it was the second most weirdest but still an exciting thing that happened on my show,” she added.

The short video clip response from Shenseea was added to an Instagram page named thetropixs and has since received over 20, 000 views.

Fans had some fun with their responses to the incident.

One fan said: “Run di footage ,” while another wasn’t having it: “Saw the video no sah,” and another also poked fun at the incident saying: “Let’s see the Footage, no pun intended. .”

Image result for shenseeaA fan expressed her admiration at Shenseea’s achievements in the Dancheall world saying: “Shengyeng u thing up muma even the girl them love u , well except for some insect ova yah,” and another fan tried to distance Belize from the woman’s actions saying: “On behalf of all Belizean  we don’t claim her. She belong to Guatemala” another commenter seconded the motion adding: “Jah know mi Belizean ppl dem nuh into the suck toe thing.”

Some fans were against the incident however and felt that it had no place in her show. This fan said: “Yea,yea we all know you love attention because u neva affi come talk bout this.

Kmt……suck which gyal toe mi rather suck mi man hood n guh sleep,” and another said: “First of all yuh show dem boring and second that gyal weh suck off yuh toe naaaaasie suppose yuh did have some Duttie fungus a suh she would a suck e junju Dem.”

Most of the comments however were in support of the artiste and her stage performance and showed their support with some light humour. You can check out Sheneea’s response to the incident here:

The actual footage of the toe sucking was posted on Youtube page WORLDSTARDANCEHALL D.J.M

Source: Shenseea’s Belize Show Gets Raunchy With A Female Fan Sucking Her Toes – DancehallMag

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