Shenseea Unveils Stunning New Look: Hair She Goes Again!

Gather ‘round, Shenseea is rocking a new look and it’s to die for. Her latest post on Instagram captures the dancehall elite sporting a full head of long Faux Loc Dreadlocks tasseled to the side with spiraled curls at the ends.

The Blessed artiste is known for her loud laces and hairstyles, it’s even hard to tell when she’s rocking her natural hair, as she hasn’t shied away from tossing it into some over-the-top coiffures as well.

While she has explored the braided arena already, we haven’t quite seen this dreadlock look on her before, nonetheless she sure makes it look hot.

The three photos shared on her on IG seem to have been taken in a back yard setting with the bombshell biting into the ‘forbidden fruit’ as one adoring fan put it, yet her captioned said, “Eva eat Green Mango and the stain bun u ina yuh face yet?  yeah, me dat ina di last pictra”. This only led to another fan asking, “You look  but where di green mango deh”.


Others couldn’t seem to contain themselves, blowing up her feed with fire and heart eye emojis in complete awe of her beauty.

This is especially fascinating since The Sidechick Song singer was wearing little, if any make-up along with a simple ensemble – a crop tank top and cycling shorts set with the coverings of a relaxed unbuttoned light blue shirt complete with Puma sneakers.

This could have easily been a photo shoot; Shenseea’s understated style is hip and trendy, definitely magazine ready to say the least.

The lovable diva didn’t forget to credit her hairdresser Chev Hairstylist (@chevii_nice) who has shared several promotional photos on her Instagram page of Shenseea rocking her handy work.

Check out her photos below –

Source: Shenseea Unveils Stunning New Look: Hair She Goes Again! – DancehallMag

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