Macka Diamond Urges Jamaicans To Eat Healthy – Advises Persons To Use Natural Resources To Fight Coronavirus

Cucumber deejay Macka Diamond says she was not overly concerned about COVID-19 before reports of the first case confirmed in Jamaica.

“Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about it but as news hit Jamaica and people close to me began calling I began to get a little concerned,” the veteran dancehall entertainer told THE STAR. “Still it does not make sense to stress out yourself and most people will be affected by the stress before they even become affected by an illness,” she said.

Macka Diamond, who has been on a holistic journey for approximately five years, has been preparing to introduce an immune system booster.

“By now and Friday, it [the immune system booster] should be ready. I have partnered with someone to create a one-shot beverage,” she revealed.

She also believes that Jamaicans should be paying more attention to their diets in light of the pandemic.

Our immune systems

“I see persons promoting the use of sanitisers and all types of products. While these are helpful, the focus should be the strengthening of our immune systems,” she said. “We need to encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables, not to mention Jamaica has many herbal alternatives and resources such as neem, moringa, sarsaparilla and dandelion, which are all used for treatment of flu and other illnesses,” Macka said.

Image result for macka diamond cookingThe dancehall entertainer expressed a desire to contribute to the health and wellness industry, which she has by sharing her tips. However, the immune system booster will be a tangible way.

“Jamaica is a praying country and right now the best we can do is eat properly, stay positive and pray for some sort of cure,” she said.

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