Jada Kingdom Calls Out Shenseea For “Sidechick Song”, ShenYeng Respond

Quarantine is causing a lot of folks to catch feelings on the Gram.

We thought all sporting activities were canceled due to the new coronavirus outbreak. However, Shenseea and Jada Kingdom decided to engage in a heated internet ‘boxing’ match to show who is the real baddie of dancehall. The two have had their differences since 2019, but the beef was seemingly put on pause after Jada Kingdom fired off her armor-piercing round titled, “Shen Heng.” A few of the ‘battle-ready’ ShenYeng fans were left disappointed because their leader chose not to go full Super Saiyan on the “Heavy” singer. While some persons were disappointed, it was a clear sign that Shenseea’s camp didn’t want to get involved in a heated beef at the time.

Since then, both Shenseea and Jada have been releasing new music and have been eyeing international collaborations. Jada, who somehow always seems gassed and ready for a battle, as been throwing light jabs at Shenseea since the release of Shen’s new track “The Sidechick Song.” In the video, Shenyeng poses as a self-proclaimed sidechick who takes pride in the position she holds in the man’s life. Shen has been facing a lot of backlash for the single, as many women have bashed her for promoting what many people dub as ‘trash.’ Sadly, where there is garbage, there is a strong chance of a fire and who else but Jada to drop the first spark.

The queen of the heavy crew posted pics of herself, shading Shenseea in the captions, “B****es be excited af to be a side piece. lmfao ok coleslaw!”

It may just be the quarantine that ignited the flame in Shenseea but the “Foreplay” artiste decided to release a shot of her own. She took to her IG stories and penned, “Anything referring to ‘SHEN’ trend. We know this need some crumbs fi di bird keep e alive since e cya survive pon e own.” Her words came across as a shot at Jada Kingdom for using the sidechick phenomenon in her post.

What do you do when you want a fire to get bigger? You add more fuel to it, of course. Shenseea, continued on her IG, this time requesting compensation for the alleged promotion Jada is receiving by referencing Shenseea’s controversial track. She wrote, “Mad me made gyal ere dat! Afi go pay fi mi promotion” followed by a couple of laughing emojis.

By the looks of things, Jada’s flame has never actually died, and Shenseea’s comments only prompted her to turn on her afterburners. She offloaded by calling Shen a clout chaser, choosing to “play cute on the media” instead of actually pulling up. She also took a few shots at Shen’s lifestyle, accusing her of withholding the truth from her fans. “It’s a huge difference when yuh work fi weh you have than when somebody tek it gi yuh or buy everything fi yuh,” wrote Jada.

Jada Kingdom also gave some insight into what possible started this whole fiasco, “Yu disrespected me and my family.” She continued, “Fast forward…you come pon stage a call me name inna freestyle an a bright yuself…so me ansa,” tagging Shenseea’s Instagram page to the post.

After such an attack, Shenseea’s deflective tactic proved to be a simple one, let the numbers do the talking. Shen posted a screenshot to her Youtube channel showing “Foreplay” and outlined the over 5Million views the reupload as since garnered. She also took this very convenient time to share an image of herself and International rapper Meek Mill in the studio. “@meekmill we both got some ..My work, my ShenYengz and my God have gotten me to a diff level. Let’s keep the movement strong and Moving,” she said in the comments.

While Jada Kingdom has not shot back at Shenseea, she did have some words for all the naysayers dubbing her as ‘badmind’, “Mi actually have talent.”

Source: Jada Kingdom Calls Out Shenseea For “Sidechick Song”, ShenYeng Respond – Urban Islandz

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