“I Want A Grammy”: Spice Tells All In Red Bull Interview Series


Dancehall entertainer SpiceDancehall star Spice recently shared with the public details of her life, from her childhood to her now superstardom as a dancehall artiste, after sitting down with Red Bull Music.

Dancehall star Spice in a recent interview with Red Bull Music

In the popular Red Bull interview series, A Conversation With, the ‘Backway‘ performer opened up about her life as a child growing up in Jamaica, her early sojourn to England which she described as a culture shock, being a mother and other aspects of her life.

In the near one-hour interview, she also provided viewers with details on her rise in dancehall, from being encouraged to perform by dancehall heavyweight Bounty Killer to her relationship with top lyricist Vybz Kartel. She even shared a story of how she had to sit in Kartel’s lap all the way to a stage show because the car was full but they had to reach the show.

Spice during Red Bull Music interview
The engaging interview gave details about her early childhood and early start in the dancehall industry.

She also shared various stories of her enviable career from selling out stage shows to recording some of the biggest tracks including her mega-hit ‘Ramping Shop’, which is a collaboration between herself and Kartel.

“Bob Marley did it for Reggae, I want to do it for females in dancehall.”

— Spice

The dancehall heavyweight also took the opportunity to speak on a variety of things to include her feelings on colourism which she said is a problem in Jamaica. “In Jamaica, they make you feel like if you don’t have that complexion that’s on the screen, you’re not popping, you’re not hot,” she remarked.

Spice dancing during Red Bull Music interview
It’s a spicy performance segment for the Queen of Dancehall.

Spice also highlighted that she wants to win a Grammy in the future for her work. “I want to do something great that sets trends for females in dancehall,” she emphatically declared.

“When you have someone who makes that big step, that big stamp, it will make the music better, because you will know that’s where you want to go,” she added.

The “Cool It Down” hitmaker declared, “Bob Marley did it for Reggae, I want to do it for females in dancehall.”

You can check out the full interview below and let us know how you feel in the comments.

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