Epic Fail For Buju Banton’s ‘Trust’ Remix With Tory Lanez

Image result for buju banton feat tory lanezDancehall legend Buju Banton may have some real life retrospection to do after the debut of the Trust remix with Toronto rapper Tory Lanez. The official audio for the track premiered yesterday March 19th on Buju’s YouTube page followed by the release of a hoard of disapproving comments from fans.

The original audio for the Trust single came out four months ago on November 15th, and is nicely sitting on over 4M views. The music video followed a month after on December 6th and summed a whopping 5M views and counting with a fleet of appraising fan feedback. Everyone thought the song along with his previously released tracks like Country for Sale and Steppa were a great comeback for Gargamel.

It’s no surprise that everyone was not only anticipating the remix for Trust, but to see who Buju would choose to collaborate with on the project. Well the cat is out of the bag and people want to send the puss right back in there. “Not feeling this remix. Tory messed up the song. His verse is off topic. Buju’s experience made this song real and epic. Please do not release this feature for real. Matter of fact please delete this from YouTube. Can’t believe Tory got the opportunity to be featured with a legend and he messed up so big”, said one of many disappointed fans.

It is quite puzzling indeed so much so that some people are wondering if this is some type of hoax or record label meddling. Buju could never be in his right mind to give the green light on Tory Lanez added input or perhaps he has no clue as some are speculating. However that is a stretch; afterall the remix was released on his official YouTube page as well as promoted on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This is not just one simple slip-up; there are a series of events one could backtrack during the makings of this latest release, especially after all of what the fans have had to say. Why Tory Lanez? Of all the great artistes blowing up the music industry right now, how did he arrive at that decision? The iconic Buju especially with his current standing, having been locked up in jail to then return on the scene after all this time, could have his pick of any artiste. Also, why an international artiste?

Fine he choose Lanez, but he must have heard his lyrics. Did he really think it was a good fit and represented his brand well? Trust is a song about Buju’s personal experience with betrayal and his lack of trust in phones and so-called friends around him. Lanez’ added input has absolutely nothing to do with Gargamel’s message, is completely going off-topic and deep into some lewd lyrics including an out of place reference to Shenseea.

Loading videoTony Lanez has a pretty impressive musical portfolio, making many hit songs with the likes of Chris Brown, T-Pain and Lil Wayne to name a few.  The rapper has also previously collaborated with Sean Paul for his LUV Remix in 2016, and Paul’s Tek Weh Yuh Heart in 2017.

He is an idol to many and demonstrated exactly why on the Trust remix, strutting some sick versatility in his delivery and style. While he could have been a great addition to the track he definitely failed to grasp the message of the song, or to impress the Jamaican fan base.

Listen below for the official audio of the Trust remix –


Source: Epic Fail For Buju Banton’s ‘Trust’ Remix With Tory Lanez – DancehallMag

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