Buju Banton Says Vybz Kartel Is Still ‘Running Dancehall’ From Behind Bars

Buju Banton says Vybz Kartel is still the dominant force in Dancehall.

Buju Banton has declared that Vybz Kartel is still the dominant force within Dancehall despite being incarcerated.

The Reggae superstar made the declaration during a recent Onstage interview with Winford Williams.

During the interview, Buju spoke candidly about his observations of the current state dancehall music. He lamented that the genre has made little to no progress since he was gone for ten years. “Can we honestly say that our music has grown?” Buju redundantly queried.

The entertainer would go on to reveal his opinion by casting an honest judgment on the topic.

“Me personally feel seh it nuh grow. Mi come outa wuk house and a Kartel mi hear a run di place same way,” he said. “Me hear other people. Mi nah seh mi nuh hear and nuh think mi nuh listen but mi know music when mi hear music,” he continued. “His lyrical content, that’s not my subject. His relevance – that’s my argument.”

The Reggae superstar would not hold back as he quickly doubled down on this claim.

“Mi nah seh man nah do dem ting but the music shoulda out deh more,” he continued. “Di man wah fi out deh him cya deh out deh because everybody know weh him deh right?” Buju asked, alluding to Vybz Kartel. “So weh di man dem deh wah suppose to out deh a do di ting? Mi see more in-fighting and bickering and jealousy,” he said.

Vybz Kartel has since reacted to Buju’s comments by reposting a clip of the interview on Instagram. The deejay quickly expressed his gratitude while hailing the veteran star as his original idol in Dancehall.

“Good Morning Beautiful People. A message from my Idol @bujuofficial on his most recent @onstagetv interview last night. I thought this particular piece was a very insightful paragraph so i decided to post.Enjoy,” he captioned the post.

Vybz Kartel has long declared Buju Banton as one of his biggest idols in music. In his early career, Kartel performed under the moniker “Addi Banton,” stemming from his respect for the Reggae icon.

Source: Buju Banton Says Vybz Kartel Is Still ‘Running Dancehall’ From Behind Bars – The Tropixs

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