Buju Banton Is All About Social Distancing, On High COVID-19 Alert

Dancehall luminary Buju Banton isn’t taking any chances with the coronavirus epidemic in Jamaica. He is not even sharing hugs much less contact with his own daughter Abihail Myrie.

In a recent video shared by Abihail, Buju is seen dodging behind a mango tree and demanding his model daughter to stay away. It was quite funny to see, his unfazed daughter was so consumed with laughing that even when he said, “Stay desso and talk to me Abi… Abi!” she was heard simply cracking up. She eventually asked, “I can’t give you a hug?” and her father cold-heartedly slapped her with a ‘No!’  Watch below.

The Trust singer then proceeded to say “Uno out deh in a di rasscl@tt worl…”, which pretty much means if you’ve been out and about, mixing and mingling with the masses then you need to disinfect yourself before touching him. At the end of the video, Abihail offers her father some hand sanitizer to which he happily obliged.

At the rate of which the disease is spreading on the island, it’s hard to blame the Reggae sensation for his overly protective behavior. Since the first incident of the coronavirus was recorded on March 10th, there is now 13 other confirmed cases. Also, according to Jamaica’s Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, 40 people are now in isolation, 28 in quarantine in government facilities and 52 in home quarantine.

While the government is implementing a number of measures to slow the spread of the disease it’s really up to everyone to exercise good hygiene and sanitation practices to ultimately halt the transmission.

So instead of thinking Buju is acting a little melodramatic, maybe we need to take a page out of his book, after all he has always been known to be a prophet in the world of Reggae music and beyond.

Source: Buju Banton Is All About Social Distancing, On High COVID-19 Alert – DancehallMag

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