Alkaline Foundation Assists Maxfield Park Home

Image result for alkaline dancehallThe Alkaline Foundation donated cleaning agents and disinfectant to the Maxfield Park Children’s Home recently.

The New Era Productions team, management for Alkaline, formed the foundation back in 2014 in hopes of giving back to the less fortunate.

The foundation, headed by the artiste, consists of four other members, who have been actively assisting persons in numerous capacities.

With the increase in the number of persons affected by the COVID-19 virus, the foundation responded to the needs of the Maxfield Park Children’s Home.

Debbie Dunn-Ferguson, caretaker of the children’s home, said, “I would like to thank the Alkaline Foundation very much. We truly appreciate the donation, which was timely and well needed, and we truly appreciate the gesture.”

Alkaline’s manager, Kereena Beckford, added, “While the home is presently on lockdown, the foundation understood there was a need for the products and made them readily available. This is the first step to making a difference, but we sincerely hope that all Jamaicans will pull together to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

Image result for alkaline dancehallWith the recent postponement of the New Rules Festival, Carlton Davy, the general manager for Golden Circle Events Limited, the marketing company for the event, said “The foundation has a very active team. The postponement of the festival just gives us more time to showcase the strength of the new team surrounding the festival and the artiste.”

In 2014, Alkaline, through his foundation, provided monetary support to two cancer patients.

He was quoted saying, “There is an unexplainably good feeling that comes with giving back. Over the years, I have experienced, at first hand, the joy and appreciation that assisting persons in need bring.”

Source: Alkaline Foundation assists Maxfield Park home | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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  1. I love Alkaline soo much and I want to be like him .
    I named my self Alkaline khid all be cox of his wonderful music, moreover I want to join his group thank you

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