Sean Kingston Freed After Cops Detained Him During Search For Guns

Sean Kingston was briefly detained by cops over the weekend during a search for guns.

Sean Kingston was detained Saturday night in Los Angeles after police were informed that a male fitting Sean’s description was brandishing a gun inside Dino’s Chicken and Burgers restaurant. According to reports, police arrived with several squad cars and ordered at least one individual to get down on the ground as they put Sean in handcuffs.

Sean and others present were questioned, and ultimately nobody was charged with a crime when no guns were found at the scene. It is unclear at this time who called in the tip or whether a gun was ever involved in the incident. An eyewitness account obtained by TMZ tells a different story. According to the anonymous source, Sean Kingston’s car was parked in a way that blocked the exit of the parking lot, making it impossible for many customers to leave.

It seems a few patrons became angry with Kingston when he wouldn’t move his car, and the singer responded by becoming confrontational and throwing ice cubes at windows in the restaurant. The witness described the ice hitting the glass as creating a loud cracking noise, which may have prompted someone in or outside the restaurant to believe gunshots were being fired.

Sean Kingston, the grandson of Jamaican reggae producer Lawrence Lindo, has been back in the studio lately working on new R&B tracks. Most notably, Sean released “Bad Decisions” last month, a song collaboration with football player Antonio Brown. Although Kingston has been teasing the release of his fourth studio album since 2013, he has failed to follow through. Hopefully, the unexpected release of the Antonio Brown track is a sign that his next album is really on its way. Meanwhile, let’s hope the 30-year-old singer starts doing a better job parking his whip and refrains from throwing things in restaurants

Source: Sean Kingston Freed After Cops Detained Him During Search For Guns – Urban Islandz

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