Popcaan’s Attorney Says Dancehall Deejay Had No Gun During Police Search

PopcaanPopcaan is safe and wasn’t caught with a gun, his attorney confirmed.

Fans think dancehall deejay Popcaan was caught with a weapon after his recent encounter with the police. A video is currently being circulated on social media with Popcaan in a vehicle that was being scoured through by police officers. Reports stated that the “Forever” singer was held for possession of an illegal firearm.

However, the deejay’s attorney Bert Samuels denies that his client was held with anything of the sort. In the video that surfaced online, you can hear a woman saying, “Now people look wah a gwaan. Me hear say dem ketch Popcaan wid gun.”

Bert Samuels confirmed in an interview that Popcaan was an occupant of the vehicle captured in the video. He continued to explain that the car was pulled over by the law enforcers for a road traffic violation and one occupant declared that he had a licensed firearm. Due to his declaration, the lawmen asked everyone travelling in the vehicle to exit, and they continued executing their checks.

Samuels also revealed that the firearm was looked at and returned to the owner, and nothing further transpired. According to the lawyer, Popcaan is torn up about the circumstance. “An incident-free encounter with the police is being turned into a story with no foundation,” attorney Bert Samuels said in a statement. Popcaan was fine at the end of the day. The Unruly Boss later posted a video emphasizing that he’s “outside” on Instagram with the caption “Great is he that trust the most high,” he wrote.

Could he be telling us not to believe everything we hear?

Source: Popcaan’s Attorney Says Dancehall Deejay Had No Gun During Police Search – Urban Islandz

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