Popcaan Back In Jamaica & Makes Guest Appearance With Quada On Onstage

Popcaan is back in his homeland and one of the first things on his agenda was a quick visit with Winford Williams, the resident host of the popular talk show Onstage. He appeared on the show Saturday, February 8th with his now controversial protégé, Quada and a couple other members of the Unruly squad.

The good-humored entertainer took on a few touchy topics including his heartbreaking trip to Cape Coast Castle in Ghana but for the most part had a very lighthearted interview. Winford Williams was somewhat curious about a statement the deejay had made on his show some 6 years ago and was quite eager to hear if there was an update.

The statement was, Popcaan: “Mi wish mi could a go in a di ghetto and put every youth pon some different flight fi go out in a di world and see what the world is like”.

Popcaan at Cape Coast Castle

When he was asked how much he was able to accomplish in pursuing this goal, the deejay said he has flown out so many ghetto youths that he has simply lost count.

They soon delved into much deeper matters, as the next question posed to the Unruly boss was that of the murder of his close friend Shagal. Some time in early December 2019, Shagel was stabbed to death during a home invasion at Popcaan’s mansion in Kingston. The dancehall star said that the incident is something that he doesn’t think he will ever get over. It was also especially hard for him because he had a huge show in London the day following Shagel’s death.

He went on to say that he leans heavily on friends and family to uplift him and music is his therapy. Whenever he gets overwhelmed in his feelings he just writes them down as parts of lyrics for songs.

In finishing up his part of the interview before Quada took the seat, the comical deejay said after being asked what his goals were, “Mi spontaneous, yah, mi will just start work pon a different goal this week and then mi work pon some diamond next week and the next week mi go work pon some rubies, not the gas station though”.


Quada was up next for the probing; things went straight into his upcoming murder case. The dancehall artiste was arrested and charged in mid January for the mob killing of 30-year-old Miguel Williams who was allegedly responsible for the rape and killing of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers. Quada upon turning himself in with the presence of his lawyers was released on bail some time after.


When asked, where things were with the case, he disclosed the next hearing was set for March 5 next month, but that was as much as he could say. Quada Don did however, insist that he is innocent and wants to focus on his career and being a positive influence through his music.

Watch the full interview below.

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