Flourgon Enjoys Career Revival After Copyright Victory

Image result for FlourgonFlourgon is enjoying a resurgence in his career following his copyright lawsuit win.

The veteran Dancehall deejay has been kept booked and busy in recent months following his copyright lawsuit against Miley Cyrus.

After a period of relative obscurity, Flourgon has re-emerged on the entertainment scene with a number of bookings.

In January the veteran star made his grand return at Rebel Salute and has been kept busy since. His latest performances came last week at Reggae Wednesdays, and Saturday night’s Red Rose to Gregory.

On Saturday Flourgon shared the stage with fellow icons Sanchez and Daddy Lizard. The deejay did not disappoint, taking fans down memory lane with hits such as; Run Gal Run, Agony, Ole Time Dancing, and We Run Things.

According to the deejay, he has been getting more calls from promoters ever since his legal victory. The deejay would go on to admit that the lawsuit has changed his fortunes in more ways than one.

“I start do more show, because a lot of people are reviewing the work that I have done, and mi nah tell nuh lie, it really open it up. And I am pushing the energy so that people can see it. Mi tek mi thing serious. I make sure mi go to rehearsals and because that is very important, and it paying off. See Tony Kelly (producer) here tonight and him tell me that my voice still sounding good. Him seh ‘Flourgon, we need to get the thing rolling.’ So it’s all good,” he told The Star.

Image result for FlourgonIn March 2018, The 53-year-old entertainer filed a US$300,000 million against Miley Cyrus and her label Sony. The lawsuit claims that Cyrus plagiarized the line “we run things, things no run we” from his 1998 track “We Run Things.”

The case was finally settled out of court last December for an undisclosed figure. However, he says it is nothing close to the US$300-million payout published in the media.

Source: Flourgon Enjoys Career Revival After Copyright Victory – The Tropixs

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