Bounty Killer Sends Stern Message To Men, You Don’t Own Women

Image result for bounty killer dancehall"As Jamaican officials and artistes continue to support the cry to end domestic violence in the country, veteran Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has sent a strong message to men that they don’t own women.

Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, recently posted a video on his Instagram page denouncing acts of violence on women. He said: “Hey Jamaicans; Let’s reason as it’s the season, and we are all equally even. Take a stance against domestic violence and all violence in general, so let’s reason.”

He didn’t stop there but in an effort to ensure that his message is spread, Killer went to a violence against women forum at Red Stripe’s offices last week, where he again urged men to understand that not because they provide financially for a woman, means that the woman is their property. He also advised men to learn to move on when a relationship has ended or turned sour.

“The man dem now affi know say when you a spend pan a woman a maintenance, it’s not investment. Yuh a pay fi inna the space, yah pay rent. When yuh time up, yuh time up, no interest. Yuh nuh born wid no woman; you and her anuh twin. Di man dem weh a hold pan the woman dem when dem say it’s over, let dem go.”

He also advised that people in a relationship should pay close attention to their mates and learn to discern right from wrong behavior.

“The right woman will always do the right thing. When yuh have a woman weh a do yuh wrong, she’s the wrong woman. The wrong woman can never do the right thing. Only the right person can do the right thing.”

He also shared his personal philosophy to help those who gathered better understand his position on the matter.

“Yuh know me meet girl weh me nuh tell her weh me like and my choice and my interest, we just meet formally and we a link. And yuh know she just fit in and a do most a di things weh mi like already because she is the right type a girl.”

“And yuh know how much girl me meet and me and dem a reason fi months and me a tell her how me stay and the things dem weh me like and she still a do all a di things dem weh me nuh like? Because she is not the right girl. All when yuh a gi her instructions and a teach her, she a just nuh the right girl. But a dat a nuff a we problem, we wah make the girl our girl. Your girl a guh come wid everything weh yuh want, yuh nuh affi make nothing.”

Image result for bounty killer dancehall"Killer, may be just the right type of face for the ongoing fight against domestic violence, as he’s admitted that he had trouble with the issue in the past but has since worked at changing his attitude towards women. Something he said was not easy by any means.

“My mother make a will and say she don’t want to see me ever inna courthouse again, fi assault or nothing. She died and me hold dat will to myself and say I’m not going to try and get into that. Me a hold dat fi Miss Ivy.”

Killer also tried to take the shame out of seeking help for issues tied to domestic violence and revealed that he’s been to anger management classes, as well as spent time in church and that the Dispute Resolution Board helped him to transform his life.

Source: Bounty Killer Sends Stern Message To Men, You Don’t Own Women – DancehallMag

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