Mavado Calls Vybz Kartel A Gal Clown

Mavado has fired back at Vybz Kartel calling him a “Gal clown.”

The Gully Gad has clapped back at his old rival Vybz Kartel following an alleged diss on social media over the weekend.

On Saturday Kartel took to Instagram to deliver jabs to his three rivals singling them out as ‘priests.’

“Dancehall has made so many ghetto youths get rich, tour di world & bring di Jamaica breeze go hot up planet eart’…a who ‘urt?.” He continued, “BigUp every artiste ( except dem 3 priest deh ) BigUp every selector every radio dj and BigUp di Fans,” he captioned the post.

Fans immediately concluded that the Gaza deejay was, in fact, throwing shade at the MVP crew. This speculation proved to be true as Mavado quickly clapped back at his old foe over Instagram.

The Gully Gad took to Instagram to caption a throwback clip saying “This is the Gullygad not the GAL CLOWN artist boy 😂 NEW MUSIC COMING your way.”

Image result for vybz kartel & mavado"Mavado’s comments come days after Vybz Kartel released his emotionally charged album “To Tanesha.” The album notably featured a softer side of the Gaza deejay and was dedicated to his common-law wife Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson.

Fans have since taken to social media reacting to the deejay’s clap back with mixed responses.

“Gully Gad success a mad Kartel,” one fan declared, while another hit back “Suh just bcuz @vybzkartel profess him love fi shortie tht mek him gal clown? Well guess wah, I will proudly accept him instead of ah man clown hey ugly bwoy hide yuhself.”

Source: Mavado Calls Vybz Kartel A Gal Clown – The Tropixs

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