Masicka Kicks Off His Israel & Europe Tour 2020 This Week

Masicka looks to the Middle East as he kicks off 2020.

The 26 year old hardcore Dancehall deejay is starting the year with a bang with a scheduled performance in Israel this Thursday, January 23, at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv, at what is dubbed an all-night Dancehall/Afrobeat affair. The Barby Club is a long-established music venue in the south of Tel Aviv, with a capacity of 600 patrons. The club hosts nightly concerts, with performances largely from well-established local performers and a cadre of niche international performers, and is ranked on TripAdvisor as number nine of 30 concerts and shows (venues) in Tel Aviv.

Masicka is also booked to perform at the Escherwyss Club in Zurich, Switzerland, on February 1 as well as the Twenty-five club in Hamburg, Germany, on January 24.

The promoters of the Israeli show have been promoting the event on their online platforms, where they have been praising the young star.

“Masicka – The First Time in Israel!” they wrote in their promotional text.

Image result for Masicka"“Masicka the 26-year-old artist, real name Javaun Fearon, is leading the way in his genre. Portmore born and raised, Masicka has been on the Dancehall scene since he was a teenager, and has slowly been making a name for himself and his Genahsyde crew,” they added.

The promoters also listed some of Masicka’s recent songs such as ‘Top Striker” and “Everything Mi Want,” as tracks which have “shown his ability to tell vivid stories of the streets and his rise to the top.” They also lauded him as having an “undeniably versatile melodic sensibility and punch-to-the-gut delivery,” which makes him a “musical force to be reckoned with, in Jamaica and beyond.”

Masicka joins Spice and Busy Signal as hardcore Dancehall artistes who have been booked for shows in the “Promised Land.”

In mid-August 2019, Busy Signal shelled the Hangar 09 Nightclub on Beit HaRishomim Street, in Emek Hefer, in front of a jam-packed venue, which saw Israelis singing his songs word-for-word, waving and singing along with the Turf president as he belted out songs like “Bedroom Bully” and “Can you come over” and chanting like a mass choir when he reeled out his hit “Stay so.”

Busy’s performance in Israel formed part of his 25-date Volcanic Tour, which spanned France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam and Egypt, and other places.

Dancehall Diva Spice performed in the country for the first time in 2016 and was blown away by the reception she got there, as the Israelis knew all the lyrics to her raunchy songs. Spice had even dressed conservatively for her performance but her Israeli fans, in contrast, came out dressed in Dancehall attire, to her amazement.

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