‘Fireman’ Freed Of Rape

CAPLETON dominated the news cycle during the first quarter of 2019, but not for his music. The deejay was accused of rape.

The case was, however, dismissed during a committal proceeding in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday, March 27. At no time did the alleged victim turn up for court.

Committal proceedings are used to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to require the defendant to stand trial.

Capleton was accused of forcibly having sexual intercourse with a female hairdresser he hired to groom his hair at a New Kingston hotel on April 28, 2018.

Detectives assigned to the Centre for Investigation Sexual Offence and Child Abuse (CISOCA) arrested and charged the popular 51-year-old entertainer.

Reports from the police are that the deejay allegedly raped the woman while at the hotel about 11:20 am on the day in mention.

His manager, Claudette Kemp, said the court proceedings took its toll on the artiste.

“He never got much sleep over the period the case was before the court, but now he is just taking it easy and relaxing,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

While the deejay did not suffer travel restrictions during the period, he lost many overseas shows.

“A lot of promotions overseas were cancelled as promoters wanted to wait to see what would happen. We cannot yet quantify the money that was lost but we can look at the amount of dates that were cancelled, but this is the early stage so we not focusing on that. Right now, he is just happy,” said Kemp.

Born on April 13, 1967 in St Mary, Capleton (given name Clifton Bailey) is known for songs including Raggy Road, That Day Will Come and Jah Jah City.

Source: ‘Fireman’ freed of rape

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