Christopher Martin Male Fan “Wine” On Singer On Stage, Big Mistake

Image result for christopher martin reggae"Christopher Martin’s recent Kenyan show seems to have carried more drama than initially thought.

A 30-second clip of Christopher Martin performing on stage at the Big Deal Concert at the Impala Grounds in Nairobi was posted two days ago by ZJ Sparks, which showed the artiste in a pickle, as a male fan tried to bubble on him. Martin was about to start a song and stood facing his backing band with his back to the audience, but by the time he turned around and sang “Uhhh” a man jumped onto the stage in front of him with his two arms outstretched, and then grabbed the 32-year-old in a bear hug and attempted to do a waltz with him while making gyrating movements.

Image result for christopher martin reggae"Security personnel immediately jumped onto the stage, but a dreadlocked videographer who was also standing on the stage immediately sprung into action, using one hand to firmly grab the man by the scruff of his neck and haul him away from Martin, while about three other men who looked like security officers jumped out of the crowd in hot pursuit.

“Take it down. Hey, take it down; he can – nuh wine paa mi bwoy. Yuh madda (expletive deleted),” Martin said after the man had been scooted away.

“Nairobi, its all love right; its all love; its all love right. You know, he can hug me, he can hug me, but I don’t want him to do this on me,” the 32-year-old said, turning to the crowd and showing the gyration movements.

“It’s no good; no good; it’s no good my brother, OK,” an obviously shaken Martin said, turning to the direction in which the man was dragged.

Droves of Kenyans had turned out to the concert in December, despite heavy rains, to see the Big Deal Boss perform at the Impala Grounds. However, following the event, media reports had surfaced that the concert was marred by robberies, carried out by pick-pockets.

However, the 2005 Digicel Rising Stars winner had noted that he couldn’t wait to return to Kenya and thanked the “supporters and Reggae and Dancehall lovers who took on the rain and mud” and came out to see him. Martin’s high energy performance had spanned more than an hour and was preceded by performances by fellow Jamaicans D-Major and Future Fambo.

The concert, which brought the University of Technology graduate back to Kenya for the third time, had been initially slated for another venue in the city. However, the organizers of the event, Umoja Splash Festivals, had to relocate it to Impala after they were informed the venue would host the 9th Summit of African, Pacific & Caribbean Summit Heads of State, which was also attended by Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holnes

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