Konshens Share Heartfelt Message To Fathers

KonshensKonshens is sending a heartfelt message to the fathers in the world.

Speaking to his over 1 million Instagram followers, the international Dancehall singer called on men to play a more active rote in their sons lives.

“Teach them lessons the school teacher wont and cant, be an ear and confidant and supporter. Advise them with the knowledge you gained from your own mistakes. If not he may become a fully grown adult BOY,” Konshens wrote.

“A boy can figure out how to stop his hunger and how to be a provider and how to win, but its much harder to figure out LIFE.”

“Don’t leave it up to a gang to teach him honor, if his friends exposed him to loyalty what happens if his friends become disloyal? Who will teach him empathy, he can learn street smarts and how to hustle but who will teach him to avoid excess and to practice restraint?.”

“So much emphasis is placed on school and money but we are creating a world of Narcissistic Man children who will wake up one day and see a string of damage and important losses along the road to that coveted self W. A sad realization.
Be active in the lives of our sons,” he continued.

Source: Konshens Share Heartfelt Message To Fathers – The Tropixs

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