Dancehall Icon U-Roy Crowned King, Beenie Man, Chronixx, Spragga Benz Honors Godfather

The true, undisputed King of the Dancehall and King of all deejays Daddy U-Roy, was officially crowned last week Friday, settling all arguments that have raged within the Dancehall space for decades, as Dancehall artistes and fans hailed the man responsible for birthing the genre.

Chronixx, Spragga Benz, Jesse Royal, and Beenie Man are among the artistes who are sounding their appreciation for the recent coronation of the Godfather of Dancehall, Daddy U Roy as King of Deejays by Irish and Chin in Queens New York last Friday. The coronation took place during the 10th anniversary of Reeewind, a premier vintage Reggae/Dancehall stage show in New York.

The crowning, which came 58 years after U Roy started his journey in music at age 20, was conducted by iconic deejay Shabba Ranks, who is the first Dancehall artiste to win a Grammy.

The self-titled Dancehall Principal, Chronixx, was particularly effervescent in his comments, as he heaped praises on the 78-year-old who is credited as pioneering Dancehall deejay culture, with his legendary King Stur Gav sound system, which propelled the ascension of deejays such as Super Cat, Josey Wales, and Charlie Chaplin, Frankie Paul, Tenor Saw and Early B to stardom.

“National and Cultural Hero. From the records to the sound system. The Originator. The Genius of Daddy U Roy. Love you mi elder!!! Perfect love! Big respect to the great legend Shabba Ranks for doing the honors and to Irish and Chin for acknowledging a true King of the Dancehall. Rastaman is the first Dj… the first to Toast…first to Rap! Without Daddy U Roy all your another favorite Djs wouldn’t exist. ‘Wake the town and tell the people’!!!!!!” Chronixx posted on his Instagram page.

Jesse Royal lauded U Roy as “the Real Teacher, while Beenie Man dubbed him “The Greatest King”.

Spragga Benz also poured out his respects to the Dancehall icon, whom he said was one of the elders and ‘foundations of the Reggae Dancehall Culture.’

“Many Kings in Dancehall. This one though is the GREATEST of us all DADDY U-ROY BLESSINGS AND HONOR GODFATHER,” Spragga said.

Daddy U Roy, whose real name is Ewart Beckford, is an awardee of the Jamaican Order of Distinction for his pioneering musical exploits and is renowned for coining the immortal phrase “Wake The Town” and “Tell The People.”

The unsuspecting U Roy wept as Shabba Ranks, who also performed on Stur Gav sound system early in his career, placed a velvet cape around his shoulders and the ceremonial headgear which crowned him King of the Dancehall, as the patrons cheered.

“To di godfather of di music, di father who set it! Di greatest deejay of all times! God greatest creation toward our music. We will never, ever, ever, ever si or have another man fi represent di music like Daddy Roy. Daddy Roy is di Picasso of our music,” Shabba stated.

Garfield Chin Bourne, CEO of Irish and Chin, said pioneers such as U-Roy ought to be honored while they are still alive. He also described U Roy’s crowning moment as one of the most meaningful moments in his professional career.

Bushman, Professor Nuts, David Rodigan, and Rory of Stone Love, Johnny of the Body Guard sound system, and David Rodigan were among the Dancehall stalwarts who attended the event.

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