Dancehall Fan Takes Ishawna ‘Equal Rights’ Performance Too Far

Image result for Ishawna ‘Equal Rights"Ishawna may have bitten off more than she can chew with a recent live performance.

The “Equal Rights” star sent tongues wagging last week after a video surfaced on social media of the entertainer and patron who took the act a little too far.

During her performances, Ishawna usually invites a male patron on stage to re-enact the raunchy message of her “Equal Rights” track, but one fan recently left her shell-shocked after taking it just a bit too far.

In the video clip, the fan is seen laying on his back while Ishawna sits on his face. However, the entire ordeal gets a little out of hand as the man keeps his face buried between her thighs.

During the ordeal, Ishawna falls to the ground and had was forced to free herself from the man.

Many fans have since taken to social media suggesting that the act amounted to sexual assault, while other others claimed she got exactly what she deserved.

Image result for Ishawna ‘Equal Rights"“Life has become so terrible that many people no longer know how to enjoy a fun moment. It was supposed to be a nice flirty cute moment and that is it, nothing else. He violated her pass that point,” one fan commented.

“She asked for the equal rights but he went too far. He coulda hurt her,” another post read.

Veteran disc jock Tony Matterhorn also had his say on the incident, suggesting that Ishawna may need to enhance her security detail during performances to ensure they don’t get out of hand.

Source: Dancehall Fan Takes Ishawna ‘Equal Rights’ Performance Too Far – The Tropixs

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