Bounty Killer Regains Control Of His Instagram After Hacking

Bounty KillerBounty Killer has regained control of his Instagram page just over a week after it was hacked.

However, the Grunggadzilla, though expressing relief, is still cross, angry and miserable about the violation by the rascals, and took to Instagram to where he used his first post to reiterate his disgust and give the perpetrators a piece of his mind. “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Finally mi got mi bumbcl**th page. Go hack unuh mumma p*ssy bumbo ole unuh can stop di General nuh time never ever!” Bounty posted under a photograph of himself.

Bounty Killer also made the same post on his temporary IG page dubbed 1unogeneral. His fellow deejay Popcaan found his tirade amusing.

“P***y dem try sell mi page fi 5 bills,” Bounty told Popcaan amidst some laughing emojis.

Bounty also used the opportunity to thank the officials at IG and Solid Agency’s Sharon Burke for their efforts in retrieving his page.

“Buss a bottle in celebration of getting forward my official page dem want mi fi rage,” he noted on another post. “Big Thank You to Sharon Burke and ? Instagram Support Team who worked tirelessly on this tedious matter to get it resolved. Bless up to all my loyal followers who had unfollowed the page instantly, but both pages will be active same way. Feel free to follow both or anyone Alliance Fi Life AFL/ANG!!” the One General said.

The Killer’s Instagram page which has in the region of 445,000 followers, was hacked just over a week ago by what appeared to be a seller of shoes and renamed Enes Demir Official Account, forcing the Seaview Gardens native to create a new account.

Bounty went into a tirade after he discovered the atrocity, declaring that hacking was seemingly the new way to scam unsuspecting persons. At the time, he noted that his page was hacked by someone from Turkey, who had gained access to his phone number and had contacted him about returning his page to his control.

The Killer also fingered one of Jamaica’s mobile companies as the area from where all the problems stemmed, as their workers were seemingly in cahoots with the hackers on Instagram and were giving out customers’ phone numbers. Bounty said he made that observation because he had changed his password numerous times before his page, which was certified by IG, was hacked, and had also turned on its two-way authentication email or text code, which “has to be received before password could be changed.”

Source: Bounty Killer Regains Control Of His Instagram After Hacking – Urban Islandz

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