Bounty Killer Details Vybz Kartel’s Rise Under His Guidance, Credits Rohan Butler

Image result for bounty killer on stage"Bounty Killer recently chronicled how he contributed to Vybz Kartel’s ascension to the heights of stardom, in a lengthy post on his recently-retrieved Instagram page.

According to the Grunggadzilla, all gratitude should go first and foremost to Vybz Kartel’s former manager, Rohan Butler, for introducing the artiste who later became one of Jamaica’s most prolific lyricists, to him. “History class all @vybzkartel and Gaza fans. Hail this man here Rohan Butler, the man who told me about Kartel, preached and pursued me, that Kartel would be one of the greatest and all that he is today and more,” he noted under a photo of Butler.

Image result for bounty killer on stage"“I just said fux it one day in 1999. Bring mi a cassette since CD’s wasn’t in as yet. Butler brought the cassette; I listened to it; crazy lyrics, sick rhymes and metaphors,” the Poor People Governor said.

According to Bounty Killer, the most outstanding songs on the cassette were “Gyal Clown” and “Black Power,” but at the time, he had some concerns about Kartel’s ability to deliver vocally. “Vocally Kartel wasn’t ready but everything else was on point, so I took him to Jazzwad/Snow Cone/Dave Kelly/Jeremy Harding/Don just to name a few,” he explained.

“Computer Paul was the first top producer who recorded Kartel with Black Power, but bcuz his vocal immaturity at the time u just wasn’t getting serious and rebellion vibes out of the song. That’s when both Butler and Paul decided that it’d work better if I record Black Power; that’s how it became my song,” he added.

Bounty Killer said he then introduced Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, to his personal musician, friend and record producer Jazzwad, who recorded the Gyal Clown collaboration which was Palmer’s first official local hit.

“Then I assigned Roach as his road manager. Also, his name was spelled VIBES CARTEL. Bcuz other persons was using the name Cartel too, I decided he should spell his different to VYBZ KARTEL. Anyways Google knows the rest of His-Story,” Killer said.

Bounty’s statements attracted a plethora of supportive comments from fans, including many from the Gaza camp.

Among the commenters were those who claimed he ought to have been crowned the King of Dancehall and not his former arch-rival Beenie Man. They argued that Bounty had unselfishly dedicated his time to hone the skills of upcoming artistes, strengthened them, and launched their careers, making them some of the biggest names in Dancehall today.

“I will put neck on the block for you any day. You’re the person who make Dancehall; you bring all the best talent to Dancehall. I personally think you should be the right fully King of Dancehall because of your contribution. No one has ever done that. Most of the DJ as we call them you is the one who open the gate for them!!” elmartondesign pointed out.

The same sentiments were shared by pandarama. “Thank God it’s not me alone see it. I’ve been saying that from them crown Beenie Man. No disrespect to Beenie still becuz him play his part but Killa was always the king for all he has done. The man introduce and buss most young talent then Kartel started doing that after,” he said.

Source: Bounty Killer Details Vybz Kartel’s Rise Under His Guidance, Credits Rohan Butler – Urban Islandz

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