An Ideal Christmas With ‘Unruly’ Popcaan

Image result for popcaan dancehall"He’s not making a Christmas list or checking it twice, says dancehall entertainer Popcaan, who believes in the value of spending the holidays with family, as much as he believes in the potential of his music breaking barriers.

“No, no … the killy them nuh deh pon no Santa Claus business (maybe Squid, my sister, but not me),” Popcaan casually said with regard to certain known traditions.

But if he was responsible for delivering a special gift to someone, he added, “I would take a few children and give them an amazing Christmas because I always remember what it felt like as a child, not having it, especially at this time of the year.”

The month of December is a busy period for artistes like himself, he expressed, with rehearsals for major performances and a hectic travel schedule, but the ‘Unruly Boss’ is actually selfless when it comes on to making time for family.

Cherished memories

Some of Popcaan’s most cherished memories were of past Christmases and the “killy” believe it or not, even has a special carol.

Image result for popcaan dancehall"“From singing Oh Holy Night, in church when I was younger, to even my first time performing at Sting even though it was the day after Christmas, it was still in the season,” he said.

“But, as you know, family is everything to me so I try to balance my time the best way I can and, on my free days, I make the effort to spend as much time with the people I care most about.”

A typical Christmas outing with Popcaan, he mentioned, always means good drinks over good music and laughter and the plans must involve dinner with family. The Where We Come From deejay has also added hosting a stageshow to his responsibilities, and he hopes that this will become a tradition for the people. The plans are coming along very well so far, he said.

“No more hints now, just know it’s gonna be a crazy show for the season. We just want to accomplish a successful second staging of Unruly Fest and for people to stay tuned for 2020.”

Source: An ideal Christmas with ‘Unruly’ Popcaan | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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