Vybz Kartel Gets Into It With Dancehall Fans Over Afrobeats Takeover

Vybz Kartel dancehall musicVybz Kartel’s camp and Dancehall fans have clashed once again on music producer Skatta Burrell’s Instagram page.

The dispute began after Skatta Burrell, reposted fellow music producer Notnice’s initial post of a Gleaner article on Instagram titled “UK Radio replacing Reggae with Afrobeats.” Skatta had said Dancehall ‘has been on life support locally’ for a long time, not because it had lost its greatness, but ‘because the real players who understand the sound stepped back and refused to unite and collaborate in order to keep the movement going.’

“I don’t blame the Yutes cause they doing what they doing and it’s working for em. I lay the blame at all who know better and refuse to step up and be a voice. When I try dem seh mi chat too much… No unity or love for each other so how we expect to gain support when we so separated?”

“I constantly celebrate my co-workers yet most of em prefer to ignore the respect and pretend it’s not there. Big up the young Generation because them inna dem owna lane. We can only make this work if we cut the ego shit and do it for the Culture,” Skatta had stated.

The comments that followed Skatta’s statements, which condemned the young artistes and producers seemed to have infuriated Vybz Kartel’s social media managers.

“Unuh buy music none at all or support ntn? S**k unuh mada a social media mek unuh tink unuh opinion matters …youths dictate what music is so stfu and go sort out unuh life unuh cyaa stop ntn,” they posted.

However, rhythmmssive was not pleased with the World Boss’ comments, which he found highly offensive.

“Vyb Kartel. SMH, that is the best response you can come up with? Who you think supporting it….wait, let me guess, the ghetto yute who you have brainwashed….yep, they are the ones paying for legal downloads and streaming. Since you feel you are so brilliant, then why don’t you purpose a solution to Skatta and the other players how to elevate DH!” he said.

He also chided Kartel for failing to use his lyrics to uplift the next generation and for being childish.

“You are now close to 50 years old, come on man… How is putting out profanity lace lyrics, defending badness, gun tunes helping these ghetto yutes what idealizing you? Clearly, you are a gifted writer, when will your value system change….you writing the same juvenile lyrics you wore in your 20s and 30s… we expect much better from an adult…We, except better from you and other foul mouth artists.

The Kartel camp, however, remained unmoved, claiming that doing authentic Dancehall was no guarantee that sales would be high.

“Shaggy or Sean Paul do “authentic dancehall”? No! but dem sell because major label de behind dem. If a major label de behind Mackerel she sell gold or platinum a maanin, so stfu and stop chat off unuh mouth cause unuh na buy music, s*ckunumuma,” they wrote.

Rhythmmassive, remained undaunted by Kartel’s response and argued that Shaggy and Sean Paul were making music to appeal to a broader audience. Unlike him, their goals are to sell million of downloads versus getting praise from social media followers.

“What is the end goal for artists? If it is not to sell music? Bless your soul if you at the mature junction of your life don’t see nothing wrong with profanity lace lyrics, gun lyrics, etc… if you feel Dancehall is in a better place for Jamaica artists and producers, then, yes, continue doing what you are doing,” he said.

Source: Vybz Kartel Gets Into It With Dancehall Fans Over Afrobeats Takeover – Urban Islandz

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