Vybz Kartel Claps Back At Masicka, Call Other Dancehall Artistes ‘Burger King’

Vybz Kartel is putting all the self-proclaimed Kings to shame in his new freestyle while clapping back at Masicka.

Sadly, Vybz Kartel did not drop the audio to the freestyle; what he did was a bit more personal, providing the lyrics in the comment section of the Instagram post he made. One of the standout lines is when he trolled all the other dancehall acts as “Burger Kings.” Since the chorus is so noteworthy, you can take a look at the lyrics below.

“Matta weh dem seh, matta weh dem try dem fraid a mi. Adi a di king! any other king a burger king. Shat pass everybody pon di journey. Dem so f**kin LATE it look EARLY. Till mi lap dem again yuh BO**C**AT!!! If a nuh me or bolt nuh body nuh worthy.”

The dancehall space has been a battleground for the artiste especially with speculations that we are losing the core elements that made dancehall into the internationally loved genre. The rat race to find the true King of Dancehall has been been going on for a while, but a few standout acts are leading the pack. Vybz Kartel is one of them.

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We have Rygin King calling himself the trap-dancehall King. This is the new sound that is taking over the dancehall space. We also have Masicka and his manager Corey Todd, branding the Genahsyde camp and their main artiste Masicka as the King. Todd went on a lengthy rant a couple of months ago, confessing how he helped to pave the way for Kartel to be as big as he is now, and he will be doing the same for the talented Masicka. Masicka is embracing the title as well, captioning a post for his birthday party, “Roll out and celebrate with the new King of dancehall. Ticket link in bio. 1syde.”

Aidonia could also get tossed into the mix for claiming he is a legend in the dancehall. While the word legend does not constitute kingship, he definitely counts as a contestant for the throne. To make things more interesting, the younger generation may want to throw the 6IXX members Squash and Chronic Law into the ring as well, even though they have partnered with Vybz Kartel.

The Dancehall Pharaoh, Vybz Kartel, is truly one of the greatest lyricists Jamaica has ever seen. The artiste states, “05 till now mi wul da lead ya.” Many people will indeed side with Kartel that he has not dropped the ball since getting his big break. The artiste is one of the few to fully transition every couple of years to attract the younger generation. During a heated internet discussion, Vybz Kartel mentioned that music and trends and determined by the youth, therefore, that is the niche he will continue to make music for. This seems to be the formula allowing him to stay relevant even while being behind bars.

Many people have cosigned the Teacha’s recently published lyrics. Longtime supporter and sprint legend, Usain Bolt, radio zip jock Zj Chrome, Bugle, Squash, and even reggae singer Jessie Royal have all thrown their support to the Worlboss.

Kartel drives a peg into all the other acts looking to call themselves kings with one simple line, “Dem a Pamphlet and Wah fi Test the Great Encyclopedia.”

Source: Vybz Kartel Claps Back At Masicka, Call Other Dancehall Artistes ‘Burger King’ – Urban Islandz

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