Reggae Icon Sizzla Released From Hospital, Recovering From Broken Leg

Sizzla Kalonji is back at his home and is recuperating from injuries he sustained during a motorcycle accident two weeks ago.

The artiste posted an excerpt from a short interview he conducted with popular radio announcer Ron Muschette on his morning radio show on Mello FM on Friday, on Instagram. It was the first interview the star was doing since the mishap, which resulted in one of his ankles being severely injured.

During the short interview, Sizzla confirmed that he was at home and was doing well. “I am here… naturally you know seh a di duty mi deh pon an mi neva stop yet… simple things happen and all we got to do is be cautious; give thanks and praise onto the Most High. It could have been worse but we here… keep the fire burning,” he said.

The artiste’s management also posted a note on his Instagram page under a photo which was captioned ‘Humbled and thankful.’

“Sizzla Kalonji is thankful and humbled by the love and get well wishes from around the world. After sustaining a severe injury on his ankle from his recent bike accident, Sizzla is resting home and is healing well,” the note read.

The note also quoted the artiste’s manager, Homer Harris, as saying the artiste will be returning to perform as soon as he has made a full recovery. Sizzla was forced to postpone some of his upcoming shows slated for the United States and the Caribbean, due to the incident. He was booked to perform at shows in Barbados, Boston, and Orlando as well as the Thanksgiving Reggae Festival in Florida on November 30.

“We just want to let the world know that once Sizzla heals properly, he will be back performing and doing shows,” Harris said, adding that 2019 has been an impeccable year for the star, due especially to the Reggae Icon award he received at the Jamaica Grand Gala on Independence Day, from the Government of Jamaica.

“This is time for him to him to rest and get himself prepared to embrace all the great things that have happened this year for him. So keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery so that he may continue his musical works around the world,” the manager said.

On the day of the incident, Sizzla was reportedly performing stunts on one of his motorbikes along Mona Road in Kingston, when he fell off and broke his right ankle, and was subsequently hospitalized.

In 2011 Sizzla also suffered several broken bones after he was hit from his motorbike in Runaway St. Ann and had to be airlifted from the St. Ann’s Bay hospital for treatment in Kingston.

Source: Reggae Icon Sizzla Released From Hospital, Recovering From Broken Leg – Urban Islandz

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