Red Bull Culture Clash Win Was Jack Scorpio’s B’day Gift

Saturday night’s win at the inaugural staging of the Red Bull Culture Clash in Kingston was extra special for Jack Scorpio. His team members promised him the title for his birthday (which he celebrated yesterday) and they delivered in a big way; and for Scorpio, that was the best birthday gift he could ever receive.

Image result for Jack Scorpio reggae"In a post-competition interview, an overjoyed Scorpio recalled how his team members vowed they would win the trophy in his honour. “They said it. They told me, ‘Jack, we’re gonna win this for you’, so I just give thanks for this moment,” he said. “They told me this about three months before, that this was going to be my biggest birthday party, and this is just amazing. I got it now.”

American producer Salaam Remi revealed that a few months ago, Scorpio was planning to celebrate his birthday in Jamaica but in a different way. He said Scorpio wanted to host a big birthday bash at Mas Camp but he believed a win at Jamaica’s first-ever staging of the Red Bull Culture Clash would mean a lot more to the sound clash legend.

Image result for Jack Scorpio reggae"“We spoke this into existence. When Jack was like, ‘That weekend there, Mas Camp, I’m gonna keep my birthday party’. I said you know what, let’s keep your birthday party at Arena this year, don’t worry about Mas Camp,” he said. “Jack is like my father. Jack’s son (RIP) was like the same age as me, and so realistically, I did this for Jack. This win in Jamaica for a man who has done so much for the culture is most deserving.”

Jack Scorpio’s team, Do It for the Culture, were crowned the 2019 Red Bull Culture Clash champions as they firmly held off competition from three strong groups inside the National Arena on Saturday night. While most teams were focused on exchanging blows (some very personal), Do It for the Culture showed off their versatility and experience by letting the music do all the talking during the clash. With their specially cut dubs, the team led the competition from start till finish and were justly rewarded the title for their efforts. It was the general consensus after the event that the best team indeed won.

Source: Red Bull Culture Clash win was Jack Scorpio’s b’day gift | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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