Koffee Bigger Than Chronixx? Dancehall Artistes Says Stop This Comparison

Members of Jamaica’s entertainment fraternity are expressing emotions ranging from disappointment to outrage after seeing the front page of today’s Star tabloid, which was posted on Instagram, which reads: ‘Koffee is bigger than Chronixx.’

First of the blocks was Dancehall’s Bad Gyal, Ce’Cile, who, along with her peers, said the headline could cause further divisions within Jamaica’s music industry. “Please delete this … we don’t want to invite no negative comments around here! We people a do good and we are TEAMWE!!! Teamjamaica we fight FOR US,” she urged the newspaper.

The article in question, quotes managing director of Headline Entertainment, Jerome Hamilton, as saying that 19-year-old Koffee is ‘on a level of name recognition that we haven’t seen for someone out of Jamaica in quite some time’ and that while Chronixx’s name is revered, ‘with all due respect, Koffee is a bigger name’.

Cecile was joined by Teflon of Chronixx’s Zinc Fence team, who chastised the paper whom he said was segregating the two artistes who happen to be very good friends.

“Deleted this foolishness. Post about something more positive and constructive. And stop segregate the artists they are both great in every way. Jamaica Star, shame on y’all…,” he wrote, then added is a separate post: “Jamaica Star, build we artists and not tear them down , that’s why the Jamaica music industry is so competitive. EACH ONE TEACH ONE. Stop compete and collaborate. Get you minds out the gutter. They All winners”.

Markus Myrie, son of Buju Banton, turned his attack on Jerome, Konshens declared that there was a divide and rule agenda, while Kranium expressed annoyance and disbelief that the music of his country was receiving what he said, was a fight from all directions.

“This sh*t hurt me soul, a swear to God. For once we have more music starting to push mainstream and secondly we have outsider fighting the music and NOW insider f*cking up the thing,” Kranium said.

“All this thing do is create riff between both parties no matter how humble both artist is this sh*t send a major energy out that’s not needed,” he added, while producer Stephen McGregor described the headline as a f*ckery post.

“That’s always been a problem with our industry and culture. As someone rise the first instinct is to compare and divide. All other industries get it, we can co-exist and be BIG at the same time… that’s how you win,” he said.

Source: Koffee Bigger Than Chronixx? Dancehall Artistes Says Stop This Comparison – Urban Islandz

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