Kabaka’s Studio Razed By Fire

Image result for kabaka pyramid"A studio where Kabaka Pyramid and his Bebble Rockers band recorded some of their songs was destroyed by fire Sunday. The blaze razed sections of a complex at Skibo Avenue where the facility was located.

The complex, which also housed a furniture company, was partially destroyed. It is owned by Rupert Hoilett, a former athlete who represented Kingston College and Jamaica at 400 and 800 metres during the 1960s.

His son, Abishai, is manager of Kabaka Pyramid and Bebble Rockers. He told the Jamaica Observer that while the studio was affected, instruments belonging to the band were retrieved unscathed.

The younger Hoilett told the Observer that his family has lived at Skibo Avenue since the 1970s. From there, they also operated the Skilcraft furniture company.

Image result for kabaka pyramid"Kabaka Pyramid and Bebble Rockers have used a section of the complex to rehearse and record for over five years.

The York Park Fire Station confirmed that the blaze started Sunday morning but have not disclosed what caused it. None of the house’s occupants were affected but a Mercedes-Benz was destroyed by the fire.

Rupert Hoilett was one of the biggest stars of Boys Championships during the early 1960s. While still a schoolboy, he represented Jamaica at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: Kabaka’s studio razed by fire

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