Alkaline Lives Lavish In New Dancehall Banger “Big Tyma”

Alkaline drops off a new dancehall banger, “Big Tyma.”

If you’ve been around in the late 90s and early 2000s, then you would’ve known about the Big Tymers comprising of Cash Money honcho Birdman and producer Mannie Fresh. At the time, the two rappers exemplified what constitutes a lavish lifestyle. Rappers these days, arguably live more lavish than bag then, but you can also attribute it to artistes now are making more money than they use to back then because fans are consuming way more music thanks to streaming.

Dancehall deejay Alkaline is now channelling his own version of ‘lavish lifestyle’ in his new single rightfully titled “Big Tyma.” The Vendetta deejay makes it a point of duty to also flourish his friends and his ladies with some lavish gifts like jewelry and Chanel bags.

“Benjamins a hide in a the duffle / Put me dogs them in a some ice / Me buy me gal them couple bag / We live the life we have the money / We a go harder now / Rich forever now we naan go do no rich to rag,” Alka spits.

Within hours after the single was released on Alkaline’s Vevo channel, it became one of the top trending videos on YouTube. Listen to the full track below.

Source: Alkaline Lives Lavish In New Dancehall Banger “Big Tyma” – Urban Islandz

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