Aidonia Demands Respect & Credit In Jamaica

Image result for aidonia dancehall"Aidonia is demanding respect and credit from the Dancehall industry.

The 4th Generation deejay is currently making rounds on social media after a video surfaced of his recent performance in Trinidad and Tobago.

During his set, Aidonia made it clear that he should be ranked right next to Vybz Kartel as the baddest lyricists in Dancehall.

“A nuff time dem try down play mi thing like seh mi a normal artiste,” Donia told the audience. “Trinidad mi a big bumboclaaatt artiste wah do some bwoy?.”

Image result for aidonia dancehall"“2005 until now, how much artiste come and gone?,” he questioned. “Mi rate Vybz Kartel, Assassin, Red Rat, whole heap a artiste.”

He added that, “but from 2005 till now, lyrically inna Dancehall music, Aidonia and Vybz Kartel addi two biggest bumboclaaatt artiste.” Watch below.

Source: Aidonia Demands Respect & Credit In Jamaica – The Tropixs

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