Stylo G Completes Video For Dumplin Remix

Earlier this year recording artiste Stylo G topped the charts with Touch Down. He is now attempting to replicate that with his latest single, Dumplin.

“This is another step right after Touch Down and it’s only going to get better,” said Stylo G in an interview on the set of the video shoot for Dumplin’s remix.

The video was directed by UK-based Kevin Hudson Films. This is not the first time that Hudson has worked with Stylo G. They worked on Yuh Zimmie, and 10 Metric Ton, featuring Beenie Man.

“The original video was already a success so I just wanted to build on that by including the featured artistes in different environments that tie in with the lyrical content of the song. For example we made sure to get a lot of Dumpling and Pumpkin references throughout this remix video,” said Hudson.

International dancehall artiste Sean Paul and Magnum’s newly crowned Queen of Stage, Spice are both featured on the Dumplin remix.

“The rhythm is great and I like the concept of the song. Stylo G’s topics are very much up to date, so when he called me and said ‘remix’, I was glad,” said Sean Paul.

He added, “When we all push through as a force, it’s a good thing for the music.”

Image result for dumpling stylo-gSpice was just as excited to be a part of the remix.

“It definitely flowed naturally for me. From the moment Stylo G called me and sent me the track, I said yes. It’s a very good song,” said Spice.

Stylo G said it was a no-brainer deciding who he wanted to be featured on the remix.

“Based on how the song sounded, I decided the artistes who I wanted on the remix. The feedback has been crazy, and is a whole heap of work we put in promotion wise,” said Stylo G.

The Dumplin remix is being promoted to mainstream radio worldwide. It has already made playlists on Hot 97 FM in New York, and KISS FM and BBC 1xtra in the United Kingdom.

Source: Stylo G completes video for Dumplin remix

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