Sanchez Still Delivering Music Despite Challenges

When dancehall/reggae recording artiste Sanchez re-emerged on local stages in 2016, he felt like he was not accepted by the people.

Three years later, he says nothing much has changed, except that he has learnt to accept the unchangeable.

“Every year, there is a change, but in terms of the level of acceptance of my music, I would not say there has been any great or significant change. I still do shows and record, and any changes that come must be for the betterment of me,” Sanchez told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Sanchez has suffered his fair share of damaging judgement. Among that was news that surfaced in the late 2000s that he was not supporting an ‘outside’ child.

Image result for sanchez reggae"“All of that was rumour created by someone holding grudge at Sanchez. I was never informed of that pregnancy before all that surfaced,” said the father of five children. “Anybody who knows me knows I love children and the value of family. there is no way I could turn my back on my blood, and maybe it would hurt my wife if that was so, but we would still know the right thing to do.”

He and his wife, Monica, run a tight-knit family and manage their label Sanmonik Productions, which is currently preparing to release another album.

Image result for sanchez dancehall"He already has more than 30 that range across the reggae, dancehall, and gospel genres.

Back then, he could not have predicted that his catalogue would have been so extensive, but, he said, “The sky is the limit. I have never tried to plan out my life, but I am always aiming for higher heights because next to portraying the best image of me, I want people to see me as that of a good performer.

“At the end of the day, I believe that the dance hall is the best place to go to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and do it true from your heart without being mixed up. When an artiste can go into a dance and sing the gospel and it resonates with the people, it works because trust me, sometimes you see me in the dance, God bless the few songs I relate or skank to,” he continued.

Source: Sanchez still delivering music despite challenges | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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