Mr Vegas Says He Is Being Shunned By Jamaicans, Eyes Latin Market

Image result for mr. vegasMr Vegas claims he is being shunned by Dancehall fans locally as he looks to penetrate the Latin market.

The “Heads High” deejay says like Sean Paul he is looking towards the lucrative Latin market, as he continues to be shunned locally, while being celebrated in places such as South America, France, Germany and Latin America.

“Mi teck mi ting to di Latino market, people. Mi last Latino chune have ova 15 million views. Neva play a Jamaica one time; not even one time it play a Jamaica,” Vegas claimed in a live Instagram Live session.

“Some people seh dem ban mi from Bahamas, so right now it commin like a two place mi really naw go really play – Jamaica and Bahamas, caw mi bun out di selecta dem a Jamaica. So mi ting gone Latino market people; Latino market,” he stressed.

According to the deejay, he has several songs which are very popular in countries such as France but have never been played in Jamaica.

“Mi have a song inn di French market, over 15 million views, an it no play a Jamaica; over 15 million views mi have. Nuff song weh not even have two million views, play everyday,” he said.

The controversial entertainer is currently promoting his new single “Estoy Aqui” which features MC Fioti, Topo la Maskara, and Amara La Negras.

Image result for mr. vegasAccording to Vegas, he is focusing his energy on the Latin market because “Dem appreciate good music so even now you go inna di Spanish market, Heads High is still a national anthem. Yuh go inna di Spanish market now, General Degree dem still have big chune and Cutty Ranks dem because these people appreciate real music.”

Other Dancehall entertainers such Sean Paul, Cutty Ranks, Charly Black, and producer Rvssian have been making a significant splash on the Spanish market, scoring several monster hits in the last few years.

Source: Mr Vegas Says He Is Being Shunned By Jamaicans, Eyes Latin Market – The Tropixs

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