Louie Rankin Family Confirms Death, Launches GoFundMe Account

Image result for Louie RankinFamily members have confirmed the death of veteran deejay/actor Louie Rankin.

The death of veteran deejay/actor Louie Rankin has been confirmed by family members following numerous reports that the entertainer had died in a car accident in Canada on Monday.

An update was officially provided by family members via the entertainer’s Instagram account, thanking fans for their love and support, while also providing a GoFundMe link for those who wish to assist.

“It is with great sadness and regret that the family of Louie Rankin wish to share his passing. On Monday, September 30, 2019 Louie was killed in a car crash in Ontario, Canada. He left behind a huge loving family and thousands of fans all over the world. He was not just a star he was a son, brother, father, uncle, husband and friend. We will NEVER let his name or voice die! His family would like to thank everyone for the comments, love and support in this difficult time. Rest in Peace King. You are always with us!” the post read.

Image result for Louie RankinConfirmation of the tragic news was greeted with great sadness among fans on social media, however, it seems the family’s GoFundMe request has sparked some mixed reactions online.

“🤔🤔strange…all that cow chain around him kneck…producer..actor..musician..and uno need help,” one fan questioned while another added “Rip to this legend but mi wudda love fi show him family the video wid the bag of money before him pass bout help n there must be more where that came from kmt a whole heap a people out dere weh need REAL HELP enuh sigh.”

Despite the negative reaction from some fans there were others who seemed more understanding, with fan saying “Nuh matter wa kinda money yaa mek music r movie star u AFI save spend n invest smart faster it come quicker it lea e memba d man ave nuff pickney house fi maintain car payment it nuh easy cost a living high worse when u dh pon certain level….”

Image result for Louie RankinLouie Rankin was best known for his appearance in several classic movies including Belly (1998) and the extremely popular Jamaican flick Shottas (2002). He also enjoyed a successful music career in his early days, scoring a hit single “Typewriter” back in 1992.

Source: Louie Rankin Family Confirms Death, Launches GoFundMe Account – The Tropixs

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