Dancers’ Paradise: Keiva To Be Honoured By QORIHC This Weekend

When the Queens of Reggae Island Honorary Ceremonies (QORIHC) Awards honours 14 women for their outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry tomorrow night, dancehall’s dancing diva, Keiva, will be among the chosen.

Speaking with Dancers’ Paradise, an elated Keiva expressed joy at being singled out for recognition.

She said that having spent a huge part of her life paving the way for female dancers in the industry, it was high time that her work was highlighted.

“Can you imagine you work for so much years and people nuh really see the significance of your hard work? We don’t really have award ceremonies in Jamaica, and when we do, it’s mostly for males and mostly for the artistes or parties. But this one means a lot,” she said. “This one is not one weh yuh haffi ‘if and but’ if yah go win the award; it’s yours, and you’re just going to collect it. This one belongs to me; it is sure.”

Keiva, who celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this year, said that the QORIHC honour was even more special because she will get to share the moment with her daughter, Destiny.

“I was the first female dancer to win a Youth View award for favourite female dancer, and I have a lot of trophies from Stone Love Anniversary, awards from overseas, and thing, but this one is extra special. Everyone who knows me knows that I go all out for my daughter. She’s my everything, and to know that she will be right there with me through this means the world,” she said. “Also, the fact that I am alive to collect this one, I can’t explain how I’m feeling. It’s just awesome.”

Pointing out that she helped pave the way for female dancers, Keiva said that she was more than deserving of the award and would soak up every moment of it.

“I more than deserve this, and this award should have been given to me from inna me early 20s. I am the female who opened the doors for females. I was the only dancer in the ring with 1,000 million men fighting to get my name out there and to let people know females can do it, too,” she said. “I was the only female beside Bogle touring and so. Every single artiste would call Keiva to do a video.”

Highlighting the important role dancers play in the entertainment sphere, Keiva said that she wants Jamaica to start treating its dancers better.

“Dancers are always underrated in Jamaica – and only in Jamaica because overseas, they get so much love. In Jamaica, people don’t want to pay dancers for their work, and they don’t understand that they are a part of the entertainment package. Without dancers, everything is like a waste of time. Every overseas act have dem dancers weh dem tour wid, and dem live like artistes,” she said. “Dancers need to be shown more love. dem need to get paid, and they need to be respected.”

Source: Dancers’ Paradise: Keiva to be honoured by QORIHC this weekend | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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