Dancehall Artiste Tanya Stephens Blast Wendy’s For Denying Bathroom Access

Dancehall singjay Tanya Stephens is livid at one of Wendy’s fast food outlets for denying her access to their bathroom when she most needed it.

According to the artiste, she was denied access because she had not first purchased food from the entity in order to establish that she was a buying patron. “Almost peed on myself in Wendy’s today. Ran to the restroom and was rejected by this little guy and a sign which instructed me to go get the access code from the cashier. The thought of dripping all over their floor with an audience of other patrons kept my screaming bladder in check,” Stephens noted beneath a photograph of the fast food restaurant’s access control device which she posted on Monday.

The St. Mary native who is known for songs like “It’s a pity,” “These streets,” and “Boom Wuk” said the fast food chain’s action is bad for business as it is a turn-off to patrons who otherwise purchase meals at the franchise.

“Dear restaurateurs…I know you think you’re being savvy business people when you lock your f*cking toilet doors, but walk with me now. Do ALL your patrons use your restrooms EVERY time they purchase? NO. What percentage of your customers actually use your sh*t house? Do you even know???” the irate artiste questioned.

“Do you think enough people come seeking refuge at your door to justify your customers having to do the wee-wee dance back to your cashier? And what of potential customers? Every restaurant which has ever refused me when my bladder is about to burst is a restaurant I will NEVER spend a dime with,” she added.

Stephens did not mince words as she accused the franchise operator of being penny-wise and pound foolish.

“The times when you are empty may just be the gap created by your penny wise pound foolish repulsive mentality. I have bought food at Wendy’s on a few occasions. This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever used their toilet,” she said.

She was supported by her fans, some of whom who declared that the chain’s actions are a breach of public health regulations.

“By law every restaurant should have a functioning restroom… now closing the bathroom prevents customers from washing hands before eating and other simple things… this doan mek sense not just from a customer standard but also from a health perspective,” one fan wrote.

“In a time of health advocacy, the doors should be wide open as a sign of solidarity against germs,” another follower wrote.

Source: Dancehall Artiste Tanya Stephens Blast Wendy’s For Denying Bathroom Access – Urban Islandz

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