Cucumber Sucking Women Thrust Macka’s Song Further Into Spotlight

Image result for macka diamond"When Macka Diamond released her ‘Cucumber’ song last month, she made it clear that the song was never intended to take on a sexual meaning. But with women using the fruit to mimic the act of oral sex inside the dance, the deejay admits the situation is out of her hands.

Explaining that a sexual undertone was already attached to cucumbers based on an incident that had taken place in America, the entertainer said she knew it was only a matter of time before the challenge took on a life of its own on the local circuit. “Some actress lady did something with cucumbers and it went viral and so they mix it (her song) up in that too. Some of those videos are not because of my song but they already saying bad things so I just ignoring the noise,” she said. “Whatever they want to think about Cucumber and what these ladies are doing in the dance is their business. When I launched my song, it was to promote a healthy lifestyle.”


Critics have been slamming women for stuffing cucumbers down their throats at parties, describing the act as distasteful. “I love music and I love entertainment, but there’s a big ‘but’, our females are losing their values and morals,” one comment on Instagram read. “This is a not a good representation. Imagine that being your daughter,” another posted.

But Macka Diamond is not keen on casting judgement. She believes whatever adults do in the dancehall is their prerogative and that they should not be bashed for it. “If dem push it down dem throat inna dem house when nobody nah see, is it distasteful?” she questioned. “I didn’t have any expectations for this song, I was just excited. I think even if things get sexual, people woulda just laugh it off and move along. Me never expect so much talking but I only have one word for all those talking bad, they are all hypocrites.”

Image result for macka diamond"With that said, the entertainer believes the chatter will only push the song further. She is still planning on launching her healthy lifestyle channel on YouTube and believes the buzz will benefit her more than anything else. “Whatever way people want to put this, healthy, sexy, it works. When I launch my naturally happy, healthy lifestyle on YouTube people will be interested.”

Source: Cucumber sucking women thrust Macka’s song further into spotlight | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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