Charly Wows Israel

Reports out of Israel indicate that dancehall artiste Charly Black wowed fans in that country last week during a pair of performances.

“The promoters said it was the first time a dancehall artiste was performing at the venue on back-to-back nights and doing so well… 3500 on Sunday night and 5000 fans the following night on the Monday,” he said

He performed at a venue called Hangar 09 in Tel-a-Viv last Sunday, and delivered a steady stream of his hits, Tan Tuddy, Nicest, Hoist and Wine, Wine and Kotch with the late J Capri and his biggest hit, Party Animal. Then ran out on stage with his trademark “It’s Charly” slang and wowed an even larger audience the following day at the same venue.

“It was like amazing, maybe it was just great word of mouth because the fans the night before had a great time and on the Monday, even more people came out,” an enthusiastic Charly Black said.

Black, whose real name is Desmond Mendize, was performing in Israel for the third time.
Charly Black’s Party Animal achieved diamond certification in Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Belize, and Guatemala. The diamond certification in Latin America equates to a record that has sold in excess of 600,000 units.

He is presently promoting singles like Ligament featuring Gage and Renee 6:30; Domestic Violence for Crawba Productions and Fresh for Jahsnowcone Entertainment label.

The deejay will be performing live at a show dubbed Wet Dreams at Unstoppable HQ at Rio Bueno in Trelawny on Sunday.

“I am looking forward to performing for my fans in Trelawny this Sunday and celebrating the Heroes’ Day weekend with them,” he said.

Source: Charly wows Israel

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