Beenie Man To Be Blamed For Squash Absence From Summa Sizzle, Says Heavy D

Manager of 6IX, Junior ‘Heavy D’ Frazer, has addressed the debacle which emerged a few months ago between the group and Beenie Man, after his artiste Squash, failed to show up to perform at the ‘Girl Dem Sugar’s’ Summa Sizzle event in Clarendon.

According to Heavy D, it is totally the King of the Dancehall’s fault. “Beenie Man call the artiste one day pon him DM, Instagram business and him seh Beenie Man text him seh him want put him pon di show. So him seh him wi do it if him have di time. But it gwaan and Beenie Man start gwaan promote him by just dat,” Heavy D explained.

“Suh after Sumfest mi see Beenie Man inna di hotel an mi seh to him: ‘Beenie mi si yuh a promote di artiste and rememba seh yuh haffi pay dem fi work. Because dem man yah need fi pay fi work, dem no business wid nobady. So dem wid dweet fi whatever, dem naw go overprice him… Him seh him a go pay.” he continued.

The manager added that he was contacted by one of the Doc’s representatives the day before the show, who said he and the dancehall legend had ‘worked out a price’ and that it would be paid over to the 6IX camp.

Heavy D said he indicated to the representative that he was extremely late with the payment, but nonetheless, they would attend the concert and collect at the venue. Squash, he said later said he was unwell and would not feel comfortable ‘owing Beenie Man’. He said the unease with the booking not being handled professionally by the “Rum & Redbull” deejay, might have led to Squash’s change of heart.

He also denied that on the night in question any member of the 6IX was in the Wodleigh Sporting Complex venue.

“The business neva work becaw 6IX deh a dem bed, caw dem a seh di business neva duh good from beginning, so dem neva want get mix up inna it,” he explained.

The relationship with the dancehall Kingpin, he said, remains amicable and despite the shenanigans, the group has maximum respect for the veteran artiste. He noted though, that the 6IX expects a high level of professionalism where bookings are concerned.

“Really and truly, wi no have nuttn against Beenie Man. Dem still honour di old people and dem still respect becaw mi see dem still send happy birthday to Bounty Killer and dem wi still send it to Beenie Man too, because dem still respect the older people. If yuh notice wid di Beenie Man thing, Squash no mek no statement at all yuh nuh. Is a peace man. Yuh see him name Squash; him like squash argument; no inna no argument,” Heavy D stressed.

Ultimately, Heavy D said, the younger artistes are under no obligation to perform for free at charitable events put on by older artistes, many of whom they have never met in their lives.

“It’s not like they don’t respect them, but they don’t really know dem…6IX do whole heapa free show. Tings and time change overtime. Dem man yah come wid a new ting. Really and truly, fi dem ting nuh come like how everybody use to meet up a studio and talk. You neva see dem a studio no time at all; you and dem neva grow up togedda; you and dem a nuh fren, dem no owe you nothing,” he argued.

Source: Beenie Man To Be Blamed For Squash Absence From Summa Sizzle, Says Heavy D – Urban Islandz

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