Agent Sasco Set To Drop New Album

Buju Banton Agent SascoAgent Sasco has teased fans with news of a new album on the horizon.

The “Winning Right Now” deejay has announced that he is currently working on a brand new project following up his successful 2018 effort “Hope River.”

Agent Sasco took to Instagram to announce he is working on new music saying “Got a new project working on… In other words… The Agent is on a mission. #GiveThanks #ListenOut.”

It seems the announcement came as welcoming news to many fans as several took to social media to express their anticipation for the forthcoming project.

“The completion of ur mission will b epic,” one fan commented, while another complimented the deejay saying “Congrats on your new project my brother. I know it’s going to be great! Hey, perhaps you should add designer / fashion model to your portfolio. Great shot! Lots of love and blessings .”

Agent Sasco has enjoyed a very solid year thus far, spurred by the success of his last album, Hope River, which was boosted by hit single “Banks Of Hope,” featuring Popcaan.

Source: Agent Sasco Set To Drop New Album – The Tropixs

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