Stylo G Leaves JA Fuming After Raid

Image result for Stylo GROAD manager for deejay Stylo G says his client is “extremely upset” about the police raid Monday at an Airbnb residence they were staying in Caymanas Estate, St Catherine.

“Everybody upset about di situation. A yah so (Jamaica) him born, an’ him try fi uplift di country inna him music. Him never expected to be treated so badly; not by his own people,” Biggie, who wished not to disclose his given name, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

In addition to the United Kingdom-based entertainer and himself, a British producer and female were at the residence when the raid occurred.

“A me open di door when dem come. Dem surround di house…showed a warrant dat sey dem a look fi guns… An’ afta more than a five-hour search an’ dem nuh find nutten… den dem ask wi fi come wid dem. A so Stylo G start video di ting,” said Biggie.

“Him embarrassed by di whole situation. Mi jus’ drop him a airport. Di vibes nuh right,” he continued.

During the raid, Stylo G used Instagram Live to video and post the encounter between himself and armed lawmen.

“Dem tell police wi have gun… dem say dem hear sey wi have gun over here,” said the deejay.

However, a 20-minute search of the premises proved futile. He was then taken to National Police College of Jamaica in Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, for questioning.

“After they search, they never found nothing; the place was clean. And after, I was thinking everything would be okay but the Superintendent say that he have to take us in for more questioning. They come under the grounds for searching for a weapon, they never found any weapon so I think I was in my rights to not leave the house. All of a sudden, we have to go in the police van and dat nuh mek sense, so I’m very disappointed. To know that as an artiste, a wi a travel di world to wave di flag for Jamaica an’ everything like dat an’ mi feel a way. Di system nuh set up right,” said Stylo G in the clip.

Image result for Stylo G“They hold us for five hours; nothing nuh come out of it. They write down our names an’ address, our number…everything. Mi nuh know wah dem information yah fah; jus’ fi mek wi stay there. It’s like going to school an’ mi a big man now. Yuh a guh have mi in a holding area for five hours an’ it’s just a waste of day an’ waste of Government money,” he continued.

No formal arrests were made, he said.

When the Jamaica Observer contacted the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s information arm, Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), a representative, who requested anonymity, said they had no information on the matter.

Stylo G, whose given name is Jason McDermott, is known for the hit song Touch Down. His other hits include X5 and Dumpling.

The 34-year-old migrated to the United Kingdom 20 years ago, where he currently holds permanent residence.

Source: Stylo G leaves JA fuming after raid

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