STAR of the Month: Did You Know These Things About Macka Diamond?

Image result for macka diamondBorn Charmaine Munroe, this Kingston-born entertainer has been on the scene for more than two decades. She started her career using the name Lady Mackerel and later adopted Macka Diamond.

During our interviews with this effervescent personality, we found out that the Done Already singer has kept a huge part of who she is away from the prying eyes of the public. At least, until now.

Here are some things you may not have known about Macka Diamond.

1. Her stage name was once Lady Mackerel. According to her, the name Macka came on account of a little girl who was unable to say Mackerel, so she shortened it and the name stuck. The Diamond was adopted from her sister.

“We were always wearing a lot of bling, so when I told her I wanted to use the name Diamond, she said it was a good idea”.

2. If she wasn’t doing music, the entertainer said she would be involved in the fashion industry.

“I love fashion and I love modeling, but I couldn’t do modeling because I didn’t want to risk being skinny all the time. If I knew what I know now about eating healthy, I would probably pursue modeling.”

3. Her favourite thing to do, a part from music, is cooking or taking her friends out to dinner to chill and laugh.

4. Dexta daps and Chronic Law are on the shortlist of artistes she would like to collaborate with.

5. Has Grammy aspirations and believes that dream is not far fetched for her even at this stage in her career. She believes “any card can play” in music.

6. In addition to her talent as a recoding artiste, Macka Diamond is also an author. She has written four books to date. Her first book, Bun Him, was published in 2012.

Image result for macka diamond“Her approach is bold, honest and witty. She explores the needs of women, the wants of men, even venturing into the uncharted waters of just how far they will go to fulfill both the desires of their hearts, and lust,” the foreword to the novel states.

Source: STAR of the Month: Did you know these things about Macka Diamond? | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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